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North Korean Christians send 'thank you' messages


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North Korea is No. 1 on Open Doors’ 2024 World Watch List, the annual ranking of the top 50 places where it’s most difficult to follow Jesus. In this isolated country, even possession of a Bible is punishable by death. Despite decades of persecution, the church manages to survive underground, with an estimated 400.000 secret believers.

Through our secret networks in China, Open Doors serves North Korean Christians by distributing food, medicines, clothes, Bibles and other Christian materials. They also receive biblical training or can be taken care of in safe houses. Open Doors also provides prayer with regular prayer campaigns for North Korean Christians.

North Korean believers tell us this assistance from the worldwide Church is a great encouragement. In a recent secret message, one North Korean Christian told us: “We know that we lack in many skills and things; nevertheless, we will try our best to accomplish our mission. Our ministry is difficult, but God has given us this task.”

A secret church leader added, “Our missions are often dangerous,” explaining how deeply they value these prayers. “We managed to get some believers out of a very difficult, possibly lethal, situation. This was only possible through God’s guidance and the prayers of many supporters around the world. It is only through God’s special providence, grace and blessings that our underground church network still exists. We must remain very careful, though. One mistake is all it takes to lose everything.”
  The same church leader expressed his gratitude for the food aid received by Christians in China. “One month’s wage is not even enough to buy a kilo of rice on the black market,” he says. “Your support [helps] North Korean believers to overcome our difficult living situation.”

These believers are very thankful for the spiritual encouragement of Open Doors supporters. “We thank you for the enormous amount of aid and for your endless care,” one message said. “If it was not for your passionate love and support, we could not have come this far.” Another shared: “Your dedicated heart and love towards our believers have become the source of our strength and power.” Finally, an Open Doors spokesman who works with North Korean Christians expressed his gratitude: “We are very thankful that we are able to encourage and strengthen North Korean believers. We pray that one day we can worship the Lord together with them.”

Please continue to pray with North Korean Christians who risk death to follow Jesus:

•    Pray for provision for the underground churches.
•    Pray for the protection of God’s workers.
•    Pray for the Christian believers in North Korea … that they will stand firm in their faith despite persecution.


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