Impact Uganda | 09 October 2023

Your support helps this Ugandan believer endure daily threats!


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For most of us, the COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult time. The world endured lockdowns, sickness, death and fear. And it was the same for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

But for Yasin, a 20-year-old man in Uganda, the pandemic was also used by God to bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus! 

Yasin came from a Muslim family, and he grew up in a difficult family situation—and constant health problems. “My father abused me all [the] time, wishing me death every time I fell sick,” Yasin told our Open Doors field partners. “He always said that he wishes I would … die and not come back. During the [COVID-19 lockdown], while at home, I decided to walk away and I came across a church where they were praying. When I entered, they welcomed me, prayed for me and [in 2022], I confessed Christ as my Lord and personal Savior; and since then my life changed.” 

But when his father found out about Yasin’s new faith, he chased Yasin out of the house. “When I went back home, I expected my father to be happy but instead he persecuted me more and abused me, called me stupid, useless and continued to wish me death,” Yasin says.

Yasin found refuge at the church, and he stayed there for some months until his father took him back in and gave him a room outside of the main house. Even though he has shelter in his family’s home compound, Yasin faces daily threats. “I feel no peace at home, and I feel like a stranger every day,” he says. “But above all, I thank God that He has continued to heal and protect my life no matter the circumstance.”

Yasin had dropped out of school in 2018, and found himself with limited options in providing for himself. Thankfully, he had an uncle who was also a Christian. His uncle rejoiced at Yasin’s new faith and was willing to help him. With his uncle’s advice and support, Yasin underwent carpentry training in a workshop owned by a pastor.

Yassin has since completed his training and is hopeful for a brighter tomorrow as he continues to grow in his knowledge of God.

“I thank God that when I met Christ, I also found a new family in the Lord,” he says.

In August, through the help of local partners, Open Doors supported Yasin with tools and materials and finances to start his own workshop and be more self-sufficient. “When I received my workshop materials, I was encouraged more and now I can earn a living even [though] my father still has a negative attitude towards me,” Yasin says.

Because of your continued support we are able to help Yasin and other new believers like him who have no family or support. Thank you so much for coming alongside Christians like Yasin all over the world who risk so much to follow Jesus!

Our local partners tell us this is how we can pray with Yasin:
  • Thank God for calling Yasin into His fold and pray that he will continue to grow in his relationship with Jesus.
  • Pray that as Yasin starts his own workshop, God will bless and expand it.
  • Pray that God will give Yasin the grace to stand strong against the rejection from his family, especially his father.
  • Pray that Yasin's life will be a testimony to his father and that his father will also come to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 


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