One Million Prayers of Hope

Join in raising one million prayers of hope for Christians in the Middle East. Our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq have faced a decade of war with extremists. Now they face economic collapse, persecution and discrimination.

Let us stand with them to make hope last. Add your light to the map to show where you are praying from, so that Christians all over the world can see we are uniting in prayer.

Every time you want to show you’re praying:

  • Click ‘I will pray!’
  • Choose your nearest city
  • Pray one of the suggested prayers, or your own prayer for Christians in the Middle East
  • You’ll see a light on the global map
  • Why not share on your social media channels, with #MakeHopeLast, to encourage others to pray?
  • Light your own beacon of hope today

"Because of your prayers we feel that the Lord is answering and helping us to continue with our ministries, the Lord’s presence gives power and gives hope and peace. We definitely appreciate the support and prayers of the church globally."

Pastor Edward, Syria