Prayer Philippines | 05 September 2023

A miracle in the Philippines—and a new sister in Christ


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Benita used to make fun of the house church in her community—until it was the only place she could turn to 
Benita* is from a stilt house community in the Philippines. We can’t tell you exactly where she lives in this nation
of more than 7,500 islands—her story could put her in danger. 
Why? Because she follows Jesus—and left Islam to do so. 
Benita was a devout Muslim, living with her husband and children in their village. They lived close to a Christian couple,
Rosa* and Henry*. Rosa and Henry’s faith in Jesus was evident to all—in fact, the couple hosted a house church.
The surrounding community, mostly Muslim, mocked and oppressed the Christian couple, but still, they pressed on. 
Like all Muslims, Benita believed Jesus was a prophet—Isa al-Masih is His Arabic name in the Quran.
But she also believed He was no more than a prophet, and joined in her neighbors and community in their
mistreatment of Rosa and Henry. 

"I never thought I could do this, but I’ll trust you, Jesus. Please heal me.”  

Benita in the Philippines
One day, however, Benita fell terribly sick. She had a high fever and developed boils on her body. She sought treatment
at the public hospital, but the cost was expensive, and she didn’t receive satisfactory care or attention. So she turned to
local folk religion leaders who practice witchcraft.   
But her heart sank when they revealed the exorbitant cost for their services. Crushed and desperate, Benita mustered
the courage to seek help from the one place she never thought she would: Rosa and Henry. Tearfully, she confided to Rosa,
saying: ”I never thought I’d end up here, but I have no one else to turn to. My husband and kids need me.” 
And that’s when Jesus rescued Benita. 

A glimmer of hope 

With compassion, Rosa urged her to believe in Jesus, assuring her that only He could heal her. It was a tough pill to swallow
for someone who once despised the idea of worshiping Jesus. But she knew she had no other options and decided to put
aside her pride. 
With trembling lips, she called on Jesus’ name, praying for healing and deliverance. In that vulnerable moment, she felt an
unexplainable peace wash over her, as if Jesus was right there, embracing her with love and acceptance. She says she realized,
perhaps for the first time, that she was not alone—and a glimmer of hope began to flicker in her heart.  
Overwhelmed by the weight of her illness and the doubts she had carried for so long, Benita tearfully whispered: ”I never thought
I could do this, but I’ll trust you, Jesus. Please heal me.”  
In that simple prayer, Benita felt a stirring in her soul, as if a burden she didn’t even know she was carrying had been lifted.
It was as if Jesus’ love wrapped around her, embracing her brokenness, and offering hope and peace she had never known before.  
In that moment, Benita felt a newfound connection with the house church she once hated, realizing that their faith in Jesus was not
in vain. For the first time, she dared to believe that there was more to this life than she had ever imagined, and it all centered around
this man Jesus—she now knew He was much more than a prophet. 

Breaking down walls 

And then, the impossible happened—a day later, Benita opened her eyes to find her sickness gone! Overwhelmed by the miracle, she
could hardly believe what had happened to her. The same house church she had ridiculed and persecuted had helped her find a Savior
who had saved her life. In that moment, a spark of faith ignited in her heart, and she knew she had found something she never knew
she needed.  
The miraculous healing broke down the walls around Benita’s heart, and she surrendered her life, doubts and animosity to Christ.
This newfound faith didn’t just change her—it transformed her entire family. “I never thought I’d say this, but Jesus healed me, and
He saved us all,” she says, through tears. “My family and I now believe in Him wholeheartedly.”  
Since the family’s conversion, they have been diligently attending house church gatherings every week. However, they now face criticism
for their change of heart and are labeled as traitors by their neighbors.  
Benita’s spiritual journey is just starting. But through Rosa’s house church, she was able to receive help from Open Doors. Thanks to your
support, she is receiving the essential resources and assistance in her walk with Christ through Open Doors’ discipleship program for
believers from a Muslim background.  
This program has been crucial in helping Benita and her family navigate the challenges and joys of their newfound faith. “Since I welcomed
Christ into my life, I’ve not only experienced healing but also found a new family,” Benita says. “I’m grateful to God for the discipleship I’ve
been receiving. It has been instrumental in strengthening my newfound faith.”  

Our church partners ask for prayer for our new sister: 

•    Pray for Benita’s complete healing and full recovery from illness. Ask God to strengthen her physically, emotionally and spiritually, and to
grant her the grace to walk in health and vitality. 
•    Pray that Benita’s newfound faith in Jesus continues to grow and deepen. Ask God to provide her with wisdom, understanding
and guidance as she embarks on her spiritual journey. Pray that she will be firmly rooted in God’s Word and will experience a personal,
transformative relationship with Jesus.  
•    Pray for Benita’s family, that they may be filled with the love and peace of Christ. Pray that her husband and children continue to
embrace their faith in Jesus and grow in their own relationship with Him. Ask God to bless their family bond, drawing them closer
together in love and unity as they walk together in their newfound faith.  

*Name changed and representative imaged used for security reasons.  


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