Story Afghanistan | 05 February 2023
Holding on to Jesus


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Since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, almost 18 months ago, life for Christians has become perilous. But believers hold on to Jesus – and your support and prayers bring hope.

“The Christian is a ‘kafir’ – sinner or infidel. If a man is found to be a Christian, they would kill him immediately. And not only him, but his whole family…”

Nilofer*, a refugee, is explaining the horrific cost of following Jesus in her homeland, Afghanistan. She’s one of many believers who fled when the Taliban swept into Kabul and seized power in August 2021. “If I was in Afghanistan now, I would not be alive today, for sure,” added Nilofer.

“God has been faithful to Afghan Christians.”

Open Doors partner Hana
Last year, Afghanistan topped Open Doors World Watch List as the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. Today, the Afghan church is depleted and hidden, suffering intense persecution.

Taliban soldiers roamed villages, going door-to-door in search of believers and unleashing violent attacks. Girls no longer attend school, and women who refuse to wear the hijab are beaten, even killed.

But you chose to stand with our Afghan brothers and sisters when it mattered most.

Your prayers give strength and courage to the Christians who remain. Open Doors partner Hana* said, “Afghan believers carry the responsibility to be the light of Christ in a very dark world, and many die for their faith.”

She added, “Christians in this country stay to be the light of Christ and so God will bless their homeland. Even if their fellow citizens are hostile toward them. Though there are only a handful of believers, God has been faithful to them. He answers their prayers, gives them strength to endure suffering, and He leads the global church, like you, to pray.”


“You came to help us, you have not let us disappear into the darkness”

Afghan believer
Your gifts also provide vital practical help to Christian refugees. Open Doors partner Miranda* visited families sheltering in an apartment together, in a secret location. “All of them sold everything they owned to come here,” said Miranda. “But life is difficult. They are professional doctors and nurses but they cannot work, and must pay to renew their refugee status every year.”

“You came to help us, you have not let us disappear into the darkness,” said one believer. Your gifts supply food and essentials to families in need – and, above all, your support means Afghan Christians know they are not alone.

*Names changed to protect identities
please pray
  • Pray urgently for the safety of Christians in Afghanistan.
  • Pray that believers will have access to education and medical help.
  • Give thanks for our workers, risking everything to be with our persecuted family.
  • Pray for a bold, thriving, faithful Afghan church, even in dark times.

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